Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Peacock project

Hello again, I'm back and all is well! I've been stitching this for a little while now an ongoing project, those of you that follow me on instagram will have seen some of these photos and helped me with my quandaries along the way. Firstly, awesome Liberty fabrics that I have been desperate to use since I got them. The feather one is called Hera and the one with actual peacocks on it is called Juno's Garden, it's kind of a shame that I worked the blackwork so densely that the peacocks are obscured, but I like the secret peacocks. I wanted to achieve a rich colour and show the different textures of the feathers in the single colour. A tricky one.

I got quite captivated by his eye while stitching it.

Obsessed by late night-early hour stitching and pinning.

Confused by what headband to put it on, the general thumbs up was for black. I've yet to stitch it on as I have the felt to attach to the back first. I should ask what he prefers really. 


  1. Lovely work. Peacocks are so inspiring. Growing Fonder is another great Liberty peacock design.

    1. Thank you, Peacocks are wonderful birds. Ooooo I'm not sure I know that one I'll have to look it up, I'm a bit rubbish with names.

  2. I would sew a channel on the back so that you could slip it onto different headbands for different moods, and then it could be a broach when the mood strikes!


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