Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bird Teasemade PDF Patterns

All things bright PDF Pattern teasemade

My PDF bird patterns have been available for a little while now, I've just not shown them altogether on the blog. As a group they use a range of stitches, cross stitch, 3 quarter cross stitch and holbein (double running stitch). All Things Bright uses cross stitch and holbein, however, back stitch can be substituted for the border if you are not comfortable with holbein, the pattern is meant as an introduction to holbein stitch. The patterns come with a how to stitch instruction sheet.

Blue Tit PDF teasemade_edited-1

The cross stitch Blue Tit, uses both full and 3-quarter cross stitch, stitched on aida rather than even weave linen it will be easiest to count, however making the fractional stitches you need to make a hole in the cloth with your needle. If you are more experienced evenweave looks quite lovely.

Blackwork blue tit PDF teasemade

The blackwork and cross stitch Blue Tit, uses all 3 stitches full cross stitch, 3-quarter cross stitch and holbein stitch. It is the same design as the cross stitch Blue tit but worked in blackwork patterns.

The PDF patterns are available via automatic download through my Etsy shop, really easy to use.

Also, after a little break my Folksy shop is open again, I'm having a sale section and things have been selling fast so far so if you want to grab some older style items that won't appear again take you chance now. Patterns are only available via email not download through Folksy but the full range is available.

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