Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Liberty The Nesfield Collection - Fabrics, Wallpaper and Paint

This autumn saw the second launch of Liberty's interior furnishings with The Nestfield Collection, inspired by the British landscape architect, William Nesfield. This year, as well as a gorgeous furnishing fabric collection Liberty also launched its first line of wallpaper and co-ordinating paint available in 30 shades. I went along to the launch and was not only won over by the afternoon tea treats, but my heart skipped a beat at the fabric swatch books and tales of print designs.

The collection is a mix of archive prints and new designs with an illustrative quality on linens, velvets and and cottons, great to see the kind of prints we have come to love from Liberty on thicker furnishing fabrics. There really were so many to choose from that I liked but I've gone with some strong favourites to detail for the blog.

Ray: Ray in Velvet Lagoon (cotton velvet)
Based on the fairytale, Rose Red and Snow White, from a detail of commissioned painting by illustrator Jane Ray. Childlike and whimsical.

Riley: Riley in Flamingo (linen union)
Riley is a spot design and is an indigo dyed print from an early 20th century Liberty swatch book. (selected colourways also available as wallpaper.) An archive print that is fresh and modern.

Rose May: Rose May in Jade (linen union)
Inspired by the guerilla gardeners and the planting to sunflowers on May 1st. Hand drawn sunflowers in wax, textural and inviting.

Fresco: Fresco in Lagoon (linen union)
Hand painted with inks gives this a glorious large print illustrative feel. Flowers from a walled garden in Saint Solin, France, left to grow wild for 10 months of the year.

Floral Mawston Meadow: Floral Mawston Meadow in Pollen (cotton & cotton velvet)
A photo of a wild flower meadow at Godolphin House in Cornwall layered with classic Meadow Liberty  print flowers. Small print.

Hebe: Hebe Crimson Wallpaper (also available as fabric)
First produced A/W 2004 Art Nouveu feather taken from the Liberty Classic design Hera

I fell in love this this chair in Fresco in Lagoon print at the launch, talk about drifting off into a secret garden wonderland sat stitching in a chair bathed in these prints.. dreamy.



  1. oh my! so gorgeous, and dreamy...I love the print that is on the cushion in the chair as well. Why don't I get invited to launches like that?!?! ;)

  2. Oooo, the Jane Ray one is so gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  3. Ray was my most favourite, too! It comes in different colourways and fabric but that is the dreamiest.

  4. Oh i love liberty prints and would like to make a quilt in the fabric.....xx


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