Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cross stitch and blackwork WIP

Blue tit cross stitch Wip Teasemade

Blue tits Teasemade Wips

I've been busy designing and stitching up cross stitch and blackwork patterns, as well as all the computer stuff that goes with it too, but I much prefer the design and WIP stage. These Blue Tits have been really good fun to make and play around with the different patterns.

Mend With Every Stitch WIP Blue

I've also recoloured Mend With Every Stitch, while drinking polka dot Earl Grey tea. There is another fun design I'll show you soon, it may involve some more birds!


  1. Hi Sami This month I am sharing other artists that I follow. Today was your turn to be shared on my Facebook page. Love your work :-) Joan Glen-Martin aka Mad Bird

  2. An evening this week I am gearing myself up for cross-stitch session number 2 with your beautiful blue tit pattern! I'm thinking of embroidering him onto a pair of baby dungarees this time :) Thanks again for creating such beauties! Anna x

  3. I love these birdys! I cannot wait to do them for a friend :D


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