Monday, 5 August 2013

Goldfinch Birdseeker Embroidery

Goldfinch Birdseeker Teasemade

As you can see, I've been quite addicted to a Goldfinch or two of late. I can't help but get ever so excited when I see a real life Goldfinch, they make my heart pop, their lightening wings and bright-faced Mexican wrestler masks tell tales that only a superhero-bird could dream of. Another addiction I've been working on is linen, this time plain linen, I'm actually quite pleased with the unfussy nature of contrasting prints for a change. I will be doing some more birds like this, I think, although I still like working with layered prints.

Goldfinch Birdseeker detail Teasemade

Goldfinch Wip
Goldfinch embroidery back


  1. Love this! Love all the different stitches you've used :-)

  2. What a great little your use of all those stitches :)


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