Friday, 12 July 2013

Miss Florence

Miss Florence

Meet Miss Florence, my first rag doll that I have made since I was about seven I think! My mum may well correct me, I made her at a school club (the other rag doll) she had classic woolly hair pantaloons and a pinny and I gave her to my older sister - that's love that is!

I made this from an adapted vintage pattern. Adapting the dress and coat into a hand stitched felt jacket, doing my own thing with the hair and embroidered face. I can't help tweaking patterns so that things look different, yes, sometimes this goes horribly wrong, but thankfully all went well. This was a little friend for my Goddaughter's 1st birthday, I'm sure they'll grow up to be very cheeky together.

Miss florence portrait

Felt jacket

Miss Florence dress

Miss Florence size

Miss Florence Front

Miss Florence side

Miss Florence bun


  1. She's lovely. I've been bitten by the doll bug too and am working on one right now!

    1. Ooo good luck with yours, they take a while but are such lovely fun!

    2. Ms. Phoebe and I love this! I have always loved rag dolls since I was a child. Her hair is exquisite, as all your work is! ����


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