Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Chaffinch Birdseeker Hat

Chaffinch hat

Another image heavy post I'm afraid, I used to split the WIP and make up but I got so carried away with making this that I just kept stitching until it was done. If you are on Instagram that's where I tend to post my making photos if you want to get an early peak of things.

Chaffinch birdseeker hat

Well this fella is a chaffinch, he is stitched with his hair feathered in full bright May coloured bloom. He is a celebratory Hen hat and the wedding day is in May. The bride to be loves trimmings and buttons so I indulged with buttons a plenty and threaded ribbon through cotton lace. All hand stitched onto a felt teardrop fascinator. I'll hopefully add a photo of the bride to be wearing it once I get it. Now I'm totally hooked on bird headwear and am already making myself a small bird - can you guess what kind?

Chaffinch hat pinned

Chaffinch on liberty print

Chaffinch lines WIP

Now to put him onto this fascinator. Ermm.. Somehow

Stage one of hat complete. What treats come next?

Fiddlesome ribbon lace threading.

On a separate note this Thursday is the London showcase of the #imapiece installation. Pop along! I can't wait to see them all in the real and meet everyone.


  1. This is really lovely. A chaffinch sits in the hedge and sings I go past him on my daily walk. I whistle back, he sings, I whistle. We have been doing this for about two weeks. Two days ago he hopped on a branch right next to me and sang. It was just magical. Joan

    1. Ah Joan, that is just lovely. Beautiful aren't they! I can't help but wonder what they are singing about.

  2. I really like finches, we have those but I have never seen a real chaffinch before. I think that you have really captured this beautiful bird. I love the buttons and the trimmings but you have to look at the hat closely to truly appreciate that part of the work.

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