Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kingfisher #imapiece Jigsaw Puzzle

Kingfisher #imapiece

Here it is, my #imapiece jigsaw piece, which has now been posted off as the little lazy wouldn't fly. I've show the makings of Rufous and explained the Craftivist/Save The Children project in my earlier post. I chose the Kingfisher as feeding also plays an important role for them in their family unit as the males feed the female during courtship, as well as both parents feeding the young. A European Kingfisher is iconic in the UK and beautifully colourful, yet his tropical cousin Rufous Collared Kingfisher is simply a stunning feathered chap. The words that I have used on my piece are from Jigsaw Puzzle by The Rolling Stones.

Kingfisher template

Rufus Collared Kingfisher #imapiece

For Handmade Hero video action checkout Deadly Knitshade's #imapiece adventures. Remember get your jigsaw pieces to Sarah Corbett by the 21st Feb. The installation of these will in Manchester on the 1st of March - you can also send pieces direct to your MPs.

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