Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Birdseeker: Hoopoe

Hoopoe birdseeker

Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Wow 2013, how did that happen!

The last of my 2012 birds was the Hoopoe, he was a commission that was to be given at Christmas so I've had to keep him a little quiet. Stitched on a linen green print fabric, I chose to stitch the Hoopoe with his resting quiff as it balances beautifully with his hugely long beak. Such a curious looking bird and graphically gorgeous with its black and white plumes.

Hoopoe Detail

I have a rather ace new book, Breverton's Phantasmagoria - A Compendium Of Monsters, Myths and Legends by Terry Breverton. It describes the Hoopoe as the caring bird quoting, (The Aberdeen bestiary c.1200) 'When the bird... sees that the parents have grown old and their eyes are dim, it plucks out their old plumage and licks their eyes and keeps them warm, and its parents' life is renewed...'.

Lastly, a little neon professor finch from the Liberty Birdsong fabric.

Professor finch neon hanging


  1. Hoopoe is most handsome and perfectly suits his surroundings.

  2. The hoopoe is gorgeous - the embroidery looks brilliant on that fabric

  3. Thank you very much, ladies. It is nice to work on a larger scale print for a change, the fabric is an upholstery linen range from John Lewis, really gorgeous leaf pattern repeat.

  4. Beautiful work for two beautiful birds!!!


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