Thursday, 15 November 2012

Zebra Finch Birdseeker

Zebra Finch slant

I love the Zebra Finch. I would love it if they were my garden bird friend, apparently I'd have to go to Indonesia and Australia for that (packs bags right now). The gentleman Zebra Finch have the gorgeous orange teardrop cheek and polka dot sides (swoon). Their beak and legs are a fantastic shade of orange but as always I like a bit of contrast and have chosen blue.

Zebra Finch Floral

Why a Zebra Finch? you ask me. Apart from the fact that my bird books insist on telling me their call is likened to the sound of toy trumpets. Now, what lady wouldn't want to be serenaded with a toy trumpet? I had one when I was young it was a favourite, hmmm actually, I tell a lie it could have been a saxophone. Either way, I can't get the image out of my head of lots of Zebra Finches trying to win the ladies by playing toy trumpets. Marvelous!! My joy doesn't end there, the BBC say studies show that gentleman Zebra Finches also like to form monogamous long-term bonds with other males. Genius, it seems everyone enjoys the lovely love of a musical toy trumpet. Toot toot.

Small Canvas Finch Back

Zebra finch ring WIP

Zebra Finch Wip

The Box canvas is 4 inch square so it can stand or be hung through the hole in the back, I'm quite obsessed with making things stitched and tidy on the back. The fabrics used are both liberty prints, I've chosen a much bolder fabric in contrast to the applique fabric print bird, embroidered in blackwork, satin stitch, whipped stitch. The Zebra Finch Birdseeker is listed in my etsy and Folksy shops, there is however only one of him.


  1. O wow, I adore the way you've framed this piece! And the birdie of course!

    1. Thanks, Leah. I went for a slightly different kind of framing this time so I'm glad you like it. I do take far too long over such things though!

  2. thanks for sharing.


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