Monday, 5 November 2012

Golden leaves and a Goldfinch

Gold Leaves and Finch

Juggling many different projects lately has lead to a lack of blog action. However, as they get finished and as the commissions get given as gifts, I can share them and you can see what I've been up to.

Boho Leaf

For now, some metallic leaves in leatherette and leather with a charm detail that were then  hand stitched. This was developed for as a bridal headband for a photo shoot, it looks quite striking on. Hopefully I'll have pretty photos of that later.

Goldfinch brooch liberty print

Next up, Mr Goldfinch. One of my favourite birds, I like to think of them as the garden superhero with a bright masked face and lightning flash wing. When I see one my heart does a flutter. My friend's garden has an amazing amount of Goldfinches come to visit - my heart implodes with visual excitement and superhero-love (good job it is not my garden).

Mr Goldfinch chose 'phoebe' as his Liberty print, 5cm. He is already in my Etsy/Folksy shops


  1. The headband is stunning, and superhero goldfinch is very handsome.

    1. Thanks, Flo. I've just seen a model shot of the headband it looks amazing!

  2. I love both of these and wish I'd seen the headbands before my BFFs wedding so we could have worn them. Stunning!:)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Good luck with all the 'I'm a piece' work, I'll be stitching mine up. Excellent project!


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