Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Robin Birdseeker Bookmark

Mr Robin

Here is a melodic wordy fellow, that was made to nuzzle safe in the pages of special books off on worldly adventures. With words stitched from the poem, The Unknown Bird by Edward Thomas. Which can be found in The Poetry of Birds book (Armitage & Dee), I've fluttered on about it before, all kinds of feathered hugs to be found in its pages.

Robin Poetry of Birds

When he sang

For me, Robins like puppies aren't just for Christmas, I love seeing and hearing their boastful tunes all year long, always fun tales to be heard.

Robin WIP


  1. Wow, beautiful bird!!
    hugs from Italy.

  2. our bird is so lifelike, love the stitching details, and the background fabrics.
    Wendy :)

  3. Thank you for the nice birdy comments, ladies.


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