Thursday, 11 October 2012

Goddess of Love : Carrie's Hen Do

Shell front

Heart Button Shell Detail

Shell Shield Back

My friends from university like to dress up, from time to time we go a bit costume-tastic, 14 lovely years of it so far. When Carrie got a sparkly ring on her finger it was up to me to make a themed outfit for the special lady. Bath back-to-our-roots was the destination and Venus the goddess of love was the theme. So, what better than a sweet golden plush shell shield, thought me? I know, not sure where that idea came from, but I liked it and spent far too much time hugging it.

Goddess of love necklace

Venus Hen Fascinator

Then came the laurel inspired headwear (with some trimming and chatting help from Sarah and her bump), all the girls had a headband and Venus a bridal fascinator, all made with charms, leather, ribbon, leatherette, some vintage embroidered fabric that I've had in my stash for well over 10 years and some netting.

Venus Hen brooch 2

Venus Hen Brooch 1

Laurel Headband

The hen had two brooches, mini laurels, to keep a sash of gold lace pinned on. And lastly a modified necklace with trimmings and charm, all teamed with a goddess style dress, a gold fabric sash and one very beautiful lady. Styling well and truly fit for a Goddess, as you can see from the photos a very happy time was had, a glam goddess hen do.

Venus the beautiful hen

Goddess Henettes


  1. Such lovely things of beauty Sami x From Rosi Pineiro

  2. Thank you, I so love making costumes, I wish every day was fancy dress!


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