Monday, 30 July 2012

Painted Bunting Birdseeker and Sun

Frida bird and Rae sun

A commission for the so very sweet Frida and Rae, I can say that as I got to meet the little poppets and they were dreamy!!

Frida Bird detail

Frida Painted Bunting Canvas

I suggested a Painted Bunting, not only for his bright cheery colours, but Painted Buntings remind me of the rich colours of Frida Kahlo's art and Mexico. The sun is adapted from my Nice Sun pattern, with added applique banner detail to tie in with the canvas. The cross stitch is stretched and stitched to fit a standard 8 x10 frame with a keepsake envelope back.

Rae Sun keepsake note

Date banner Fabric

Keepsake back

I've been working on a different style banner for another name commission, in running stitch.

June date banner

Happy sunshine to you!

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