Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wear a Birdseeker

Linen birdseeker badges group

The little guys are ever so happy to have such love and attention already, they have been chit-chattering about it bless 'em and I've not even had a chance to blog about them yet. Apart from loving linen I wanted to produce something less fussy and neutral that could be happily worn by any bird lover at 4cm in size. I can't cope with the sad what-about-me eyes of male friends any longer if I'm honest, and not everyone likes printed pattern. Wear a Birdseeker will be available on linen and patterned fabrics, clever huh? Well feeds all my addictions quite nicely more to the point.

Blackbird Birdseeker Liberty Print Brooch

For now we have The Blackbird, a cheeky chirpy chap very fond of cola flavoured jelly worms.

Puffin Birdseeker Liberty Print Brooch

The Puffin, he thinks he is a joker and will whisper funnies to keep you happy in return for a sniff of your fish and chips.

The third fella is the Great Spotted Woodpecker, a youngster ever so proud of his red quiff because when he is older it turns black and he gets a red coloured mullet, oh dear. (I was so excited I've forgotten to take photo's of the patterned fabric version)

Mr Blue Tit Spring Detail

Also (above) Mr Blue Tit an old favourite design, I've not yet blogged his spring/summer revamp he really wanted some coloured blackwork in blues/greens. He is still at his 5cm size.

Well, that's rather birdtastic for one day! All the stitched birdseekers are up for grabs in my Folksy and Etsy shops, but I'm always up for the challenge of stitching a new bird. Which reminds me I must get back to stitching my colourful Bunting Bird.

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