Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Linen Birdseekers WIP

Linen birdseekers WIP

I've been playing with small 4cm designs of the birdseekers on classic grey linen. No, I've not fallen out of love for layering pattern on pattern, I don't think that is possible. It is just refreshing for me to experiment and see the illustrative nature of stitch on a neutral background now and again. Already me and Mr Blackbird have had a little chat and he would much rather his beak be a zesty yellow, sometimes a quirky contrast of beak colour works sometimes they get the strop on, who am I to argue. Today I've stitched a woodpecker and he loves having a turquoise beak. Apparently you can't please them all first time.

Linen Blackbird WIP

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  1. I have a blackbird who sits on our neighbour's chimney pot of an evening, regaling us with all his best anecdotes (songs) He thinks he's so funny.


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