Monday, 18 June 2012

Goldcrest Birdseeker Bookmark

Tiny Goldcrest Bookmark

The Goldcrest is a wonderful tiny songster of a bird. The fact that it is our tiniest bird and weighs so very little really does boggle my mind somewhat, like a beautiful ball of camo-fluff with wings. A lady Goldcrest has the lovely yellow markings on her sweet little head, but what I like about the fellas is that they can fluff up their mohawks to display their sometimes secret orange head feathers. Now, is it that they are not so showy kinglets all of the time, or are they at one with their feminine yellow feather side? I'd ask a him, if only I was lucky enough to meet one. Apparently if you want to talk to a Goldcrest the RSPB suggests "tweedly-tweedly-tweedly-twiddledidee" (OK, that's a small fib, they don't suggest you talk to them, but use it to listen - ermmm how could you not want to talk to them knowing that tweedly tit bit of info).

Tiny Goldcrest WIP

This Goldcrest had a good read of our most favourite bird book at the moment, 'Our Garden Birds' by Matt Sewell, before he flew off to his new home.

Tiny Goldcrest and Matt sewell

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