Monday, 4 June 2012

A different kind of bunting

Cakes and I Pennant

For a couple of days last week my fingers nearly fell off as I stitched for tight deadline to help create an infographic bunting for Jam, with a clever team of makers including Mr X Stitch who kept us in line. The deadline wasn't just for the Diamond Jubilee itself, but to be entered into 'Information is Beautiful Awards 2012'. Jam used the idea of the bunting pennants to display the different infographic data.

Celebration Cake Stitching

Celebration Plate

Jam Infographic pennant

My pennant involved showing the buzz about different Jubilee events using cakes on a plate, using felt and stitch. Some cake eating may have happened prior to get in the party spirit of course.

Quite a different project than I'm used to, really fun to be involve in and I wish Jam the very best of luck!

For bunting images by Jam on Pinterest here.

For makers images collated by Jam on Pinterest here.


  1. Ooh this is very nice! I love how you have done the doily pattern underneath - very clever indeed! I wouldn't know where to begin. Mmm...cake....!

    1. I couldn't help making it pretty with a doily, it's not a party without a doily!


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