Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Teas-make Cross Stitch Patterns

Drum roll please...

Nice Sun Pattern PDF

I teased you with some stitching photos of these a while back and now the patterns are all finished. Cross stitch PDF patterns to begin with and if the demand arises I'll develop them into kits. There's a third pattern on its way, but I got a bit too excited to wait until all were finished, naughty. So for now we have Nice Sun, just to remind you that the sun can shine inside even if it's forgotten to come out to play (very forgetful here in the UK).

Mend With Every Stitch PDF Pattern

The idea for my second pattern actually came to me at one of my hospital waiting room visits, me content stitching as ever (I take my small sewing box make myself at home like a weirdo), occasionally people watching. So much time is lost in waiting rooms, I almost want to hand out sewing to everyone so they can enjoy, or be distracted. Anyway I'm rambling. My point being, whether it be a bad day, sore heart or mild frustrations at malfunctioning body parts - why make do? Just pick up a needle and thread and Mend With Every Stitch.

The PDF patterns are now available from my Etsy and Folksy shops, they come as a colour chart with DMC, Madiera and Anchor thread options, chart sizes, stitch count. Instructions for what you will need and how to cross stitch.

More stitched goodness to come soon.


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