Saturday, 31 March 2012

Last Chance April

Snip Scissors  Earring (red)

With the Royal Mail postal increases coming at the end of April I've had to rethink some of my product lines and packaging, as will many small businesses. The increase for small packets is a lot (yeah I won't bore you with %) and it's the rate that my boxed items require, like earrings for protection during transit. I've decided to discontinue some products due to these price changes. So there's a Last Chance Sale section with some rings, earrings, pendants reduced in price for this April only then they will be gone.


  1. such a shame. Oh it makes me so so cross! such a lot of postage for such tiny items!!

    1. It will be a lot, especially for international postage (not to mention increase on all our post of materials etc, ho hum). I'd rather look into making things more cost effective to post where I can - maybe take inspiration from Flat Stanley.


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