Saturday, 24 March 2012

Felt Makings

Pretty Parrot Pocket Notebook

I had some rather delicious royal blue wool felt that I've been enjoying making into more practical things to keep words company. In this digital age I have to admit I'm still a book hugger I like the feel of an actual book and printed words and pictures, the look of a coloured bookshelf and writing notes that never get quite get done. I even have to have an actual diary because I need to see things written down, I'm not sure I'll change I do hope they don't stop making diaries where will I put my old fashioned brain?

Blue tit notebook crop scale

Polka petal button bookmark scale

Sorry I digressed, so felty making, bird pocket notebook cover pals to keep thoughts company, entirely hand stitched with leather ties. Mr Blue Tit has flown off already, but I've only just finished Pretty Parrot I'm quite loving his bow. And a some button bookmarks, only one left in blue of the bicycle but I've got different button felty goodness in grey now in the making. New addiction thick wool felt, fun!

Bicycle bookmark

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