Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rosettes and medals to share

I always forget something, post a picture to facebook then forget to blog, yep well that's what happened here. It's the keeping things top secret part that then makes me forget to blog about them later when they have been given. For Christmas I was asked to make this super sweet rosette for a wordy belle who runs a scrabble society.  The initial I gave a blackwork twist and the scrabble tile is stitched based on wooden textures.

Next, the All Heart Medal is back with a redesign, stitched in cross stitch, chevron blackwork (holbein) and whipped stitch on grey gingham with bold liberty print stripes. They can be found in my Etsy and Folksy shops.


  1. Ah good to see a fellow Scrabble/Teasemade enthusiast is out there!

    Love the medal - reminds me of the ones Nanny McPhee wears. Must stop watching kids films...

  2. Oh I had to be bribed to make a rosette, they really are only for super extra special people you know! The most fiddlesome finger pin twiddling, I don't make making easy for myself sometimes.

    You have good excuse for watching kids films, I just have to admit that I enjoy cartoons (and the rest).


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