Monday, 30 January 2012

Teas-make : Marmaduke Lovely Duck

Marmaduke Lovely Duck really is just that, a lovely duck. On mornings when a rainbow shines, he heads out early to collect fresh jellybeans from the opening buttercups and fluffy marshmallow reed puffs from the pond. If he’s really lucky he finds a blossoming balloon for Missy Lovely Duck, who upon his return has already baked a cheesecake (or two) because you never know who may pop over for tea (at least that’s what she says).

(click on the pattern image for the full size jpeg, then click on image again to download/save)

I've been meaning to come up with some patterns to share for a while I guess you can say this is a new years aim of sorts, and well working out how to share my patterns on my blog so they will print was a whole other thing entirely (so I hope this works!). Inspired by a special lady and her extra fondness of ducks,  Marmaduke Lovely Duck agreed to stop by after his marshmallow picking just long enough for me to stitch a likeness. It's a small sweet pattern (6 x 5.6cm), if stitched on 14 count aida it's nice and easy for a beginner stitcher cross stitch with backstitch or holbein stitch  detail for the balloon and tail.

This is a free pattern for personal use only please enjoy it, if you reblog/pin give credit and link back to this blog post. Many thanks.

For those new to stitching you might find this youtube video link helpful it's a Women's Weekly cross stitch tutorial project where they cover all the basics as she stitches and constructs the cross stitch card, quite helpful if you are a visual learner (sorry teacher speak, can't help it).

Hopefully there will be more teas-make action soon.


  1. Very cute! I love the tail feathers!

  2. He doesn't like me telling people, but he sets them in rollers to get them that curly. (shhh)

  3. I love this duck - he's awesome! I featured him in my favourite things this week, yay!



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