Sunday, 8 January 2012

Golden Oriole Birdseeker: Beautiful World

Oriole Birdseeker Detail

My last bird stitched for the 2011 Birdseeker project was commissioned to be given as a special birthday gift that so happened to be at the start of a new year, quite apt. So I can now share it with you. I'd so love to see a real Golden Oriole, a shy songbird, rare the UK, apparently when they do come visit their song can be heard more than they are seen, I'd be so very happy just to hear one. I'll just have to adventure to have more of a chance to see one.

'To hear an Oriole sing
May be a common thing-
Or only a divine.' 
(From, To hear an oriole sing - Emily Dickinson)

Nature is rather ace, when the lyrics of Colin Hay - Beautiful World were requested it pleased me as it's a song that I like. If you don't know it I recommend it, any songster that sings about lapsang souchong, swimming in the sea and romancing a mystery Marie is a winner in my book.

Oriole Beautiful World

I constructed a thick wool felt cover to fit a large Molskine sketchbook, blanket stitch all around the edge the inside cover flaps fabric match the green 'Patrick's' Liberty print that the Oriole and the branch applique are stitched on. Stitches used, holbein stitch (blackwork), satin stitch and whipped backstitch. I can't function without my Molie diary as my brain each year so I'm now going to have to make it a little bird friend it's black cover is looking quite sorry for itself indeed.

Ships inside cover

Ohhh! and lastly my celebratory end of year Birdseeker project Spotting and Jotting Club rosette!

I just had to treat myself to one of these wonderful Spotting and Jotting Club patches to make it into a fun rosette (as you do) so I can pin it to different things.  The patch is designed by Matt Sewell, he  has a mind full of wonderful birds and thankfully doesn't just keep them to himself. Go see his joyful illustrations, excitingly he has a book Our Garden Birds coming out soon... and you know how I love my bird books.
(cute cross stitch buttons on my sewing box by the lovely Sarah Fordham -Magasin )

Spotting And Jotting Rosette

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