Saturday, 3 December 2011

Birdseeker: Spotted Woodpecker Embroidery

 Birdseeker Young Great Spotted Woodpecker

Time to reveal young master Great Spotted Woodpecker complete with text as I explained before in my last post about him I had been happy stitching the woodpecker on his tree when my little tangent head thought oooh PUPPETS. To be honest it doesn't take much for me to think about puppets, Woodpecker.. tree.. wood.. puppets.. Pinocchio, I can see you were all making the same connections. However what I didn't know was that the original story by Carlo Collodi 'Adventures of Pinocchio' 1883, has woodpeckers in it (Sorry I won't get excited about this all over again). I just happened to fancy reading the original compared to Disney as I like fairytales and old stories. And what a gem I recommend it (again).

Birdseeker Young Spotted Woodpecker Crop

"How good you are" is a quote by Pinocchio in chapter 18 when he thanks the fairy after just having had his nose pecked small by thousands of woodpeckers. Pinocchio is relentlessly naughty for the most part while characters such as the fairy and Geppetto have true kind good natures. The quote and tale itself struck a chord with me, written in the 1880's it is darkly amusing but its moral of goodness is simple and holds value today. It inspired me to stitch the text to complete the piece as I believe those of good nature should be cherished, as they can often be a rare find.

How Good You Are Embroidered

Spotted Woodpecker Birdseeker Embroidery: coloured blackwork on liberty print Patrick's, appliqued onto hand quilted linen gingham. Text satin stitch and whipped back stitch.


  1. Beautiful, a baby woodpecker with its red head ... as they get older the males have red on back of head, females none. Makes me want to read Pinocchio again.

  2. That's one thing I really like about birds the changes in plumage with seasons and and age, I was so excited to see a young one up close he hung about in my garden for ages. The thing is more I find out the more I want to know.

  3. Just popped across from my blog to yours - love this post and your whole blog in general. Your bird items are fab - I too love the changing plumage colours, and also the cheeky nature of many smaller birds :-)

  4. Thanks Sally, I'm turning into quite a bird stalker these days would be nice to see more feathered friends. Must entice more into my garden with my pied piper stitchery.

  5. oh your woodpecker is so beautiful and I love the pinocchio connection, I'm a sucker for folk and fairy tales. I look forward to seeing a new challenge in January

    Kate x


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