Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 the year of the Birdseeker

I don't believe in New Years resolutions but for some reason January 2011 seemed like a great idea to set myself a stitchy challenge for the year ahead. Not fully thinking it through to be honest I hoped having an embroidery challenge would keep me inspired and help strike more of a balance with  business side of things. So the 12 month Birdseeker project was born with the idea to stitch a seasonal monthly bird.

I Promise

Your Hand In Mine

Scarlet Rosefinch Bookmark
Blue Tit on a box

Birdseeker : Grey Wagtail Heart of Gold

As far as inspiration goes the project has way exceeded what I thought even possible, how is it that when you have an interest in something the more you learn the more you want to learn? Must eat more books and Oh dear I am a bird and stitchaholic. However I frustrated myself, see this is where I am not good with challenges!! Ask me to do something (or ask myself to do something) and I will try every which way to do it, I hadn't quite thought my challenge through with regard to general work flow, commissions and importantly my ever mending self. Not long into the challenge I was sent to a lovely Migraine specialist to help ease my Gizmo head so I've been juggling the joys of medication adjusting most of this year which is hard work in itself. I came to the conclusion after a conversation with my silly self (in my head we still haven't got to out loud conversations yet), best to adapt the challenge into the birdy commissions when they came along to be able to work with my mending head than have to give up the personal challenge. Adapting things and being flexible is the key, I do know this but I still drive myself bonkers sometimes and I'm determined to do things 'just so'. I then try and fool myself by then setting a new goal, bless me, oh the energy ever wasted with this 'just so' quest/mentality... I know you do it too. Please someone tell me you do it too (I'm joking!)

Firecrest Bookmark

Mute Swan Bookmark

Goldfinch (detail)

Appliqued Owl

Thankfully the beginning of the year was rather top heavy in the bird stitching department with my excitement so I more than stitched my quota for the year before seasonal work commitments took hold, yes I had forgotten that too! The 2011 roll call year of Birdseekers are Brambling, Woodpigeon, Rosefinch, Bluetit (two of), Grey Wagtail, Mute Swan, Firecrest, Goldfinch, Hawfinch, Owl, Stork, Great Spotted Woodpecker (young).. and one for luck to be revealed. Wall embroideries, bookmarks, cushions, my radiotherapy mask, a sewing box and a couple of birdseekers even made their way onto some jewellery.

Appliqued Blue Tit

Blue Tit Birdseeker Wedding Cushion

Appliqued Hawfinch

Hawfinch Birdseeker Wedding Cushion

Birdseeker Stork

Birdseeker Young Great Spotted Woodpecker

Am I tempted to set myself another challenge? I think the answer is yes, they are brilliant for drive and inspiration but maybe I need to be a tad more flexible from the start (are you listening Samantha hmmm? No I didn't think so). Possibly taking the word challenge out of it might help me, seriously I'm that bad. Go on set yourself one they are fun honest :)


  1. Well done for completing your challenge .I'm impressed. I usually end up feeling guilty because I don't complete and am too hard on myself. Maybe this year I will try a challenge. You must have a great sense of satisfaction looking back on your achievement!

  2. It is quite rewarding looking back as most fly off pretty quick they don't give me a second thought cheeky birds, I don't blame them in their excitement. I can now show the last bird which was an Oriole as he has found his lovely new home.

    A creative challenge is really good it makes you set a little time aside for you, it doesn't have to be a big project, something enjoyable!


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