Friday, 4 November 2011

Scrabble Club

Rosettes Scrabble Club

Scrabble club what a gorgeously fun one this was! Flora set me a great challenge for her little group that meet up have fun and well play scrabble if you hadn’t guessed that already. Being the best score on the board (I had to have that explained to me) ‘Triple Word Score’ was theme. Known to be partial to a bit of award/medal making I thought this would suit perfect, and we liked the idea of the old skool ruffle ribbon rosette. So teeny replica ‘Triple Word Score’ stitching appliqué was the order of the day, really rather sweet the champions of scrabble champions. 

Rossette boxed

Being one of those people confuddled by letters and words I have to admit I’ve never played scrabble, was always a pictionary kind of girl and I quite like the idea of the plasticine one never played that... not the Play Doh hairdresser grow a haircut one that was crazy what was that called? (showing my age!!)


  1. I liked pictionary too but I think you're thinking of rapidough.

  2. Ah that's the game! And I don't feel too crazy as I just googled it and weirdly they still make the play doh hairdresser thing... not making things up just yet! :)

  3. Only just seen this - Sami they are totally brilliant, thanks so much for realising my crazy idea so beautifully xx

  4. It was great fun Flo! I only just noticed my dyslexic tangled mind typed 'Play Poh' instead of Play Doh never really sure if it's my wicked childish side just taking over my brain for laughs. I check things so many times but always suffer random (usually comedy) word blindness! Trixsy things letters haha!


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