Thursday, 17 November 2011

Brief Friendly Visitors

Floras Love Birds

You could say I was a little bit naughty but I'm not sure many could resist the urge to display these beautiful birds for a while if you had them right? It's not like I changed my name to Whiteley to insist I could keep them but I'll admit that it did cross my mind more than once. You'll notice I didn't make the mistake of hanging them in the window as there would be no way I'd part with them, and besides my Melvin egg man wouldn't share his lacy nets with mere visitors (they might snag them), easy Melvin!

Birds and a Combine

Whiteley Love Birds - Flora Jamieson, Combine Harvester - Gerard Whiteley, 
Swan Embroidery - by me.

If you are unaware of the wonderful beautiful world of Flora Jamieson's Through The Round Window then step inside, a rainbow of decorative glass coloured delights awaits. Over the last couple of years I have met some really lovely creative talented friends via the internet (mostly bird adorers) but I have to say Flora is a real gem and a pleasure to work with, I simply must toot a birdy trumpet over this commission. I needed an extra special 1st wedding anniversary gift for THE bird couple as I realised that I had forgotten to get a keepsake gift at the time. I LOVE this Flying Bird and wanted it in some of the wedding colours if possible and somehow with the family name on it. When Flo came back with this idea I nearly popped!!! As did my friends when I finally handed it over, total win and colour matched to perfection... ahhh at least I get to visit them *sniff sniff*.

Check out Through the round window blog for pretty inspiration and fun ramblings. *tooting the birdy trumpet*


  1. oh that's gorgeous! i'm a flora-fan too.

  2. Totally gorgeous (as is the fine lady), so pleased with it.


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