Saturday, 5 November 2011

Birdseeker : Stork

Birdseeker Stork

This is my October Birdseeker posted a little late as it is had to be kept secret.  It was part of the Phat Quarter October stitch swap, the theme was 'somebody told me'. I was a total nightmare and got so over excited by the theme that I changed my idea SO MANY times, I really could have stitched many different things and wanted to but time was running out. I won't bore you with the ideas I didn't do although you know I want to!

The history of storytelling fascinates me, the use of the oral tradition to encourage morals and daily domestic routines. Out of context now a lot of these stories are even more crazy as I for one can't imagine the everyday routines that these creative stories have been embellished around but at the time families would have loved them. I have a great book 'From The Beast To The Blonde - On Fairy Tales And Their Tellers' by the excellent Marina Warner, a chunky volume full to brim with contextual delights. In it I found this gem and my reasons for stitching a stork, the deliverer of words and not just bundles of joy. (you'll find it on p52)

[The common people call 'old wolf's tale', old wives' tale, Mother Goose tale', 'tale of the stork', 'tale in the stork style', 'donkeyskin tale', 'tale to fall asleep on your feet', 'yellow, blue, violet, one-eyed tale' all those ridiculous fables the likes of which old people tell to entertain and amuse children] 1664 Dictionnaire of the academie Francaise.

Birdseeker Stork WIP

My choice of quilted gingham tile is the size of a domestic house tile a new way a working for my embroideries enlarging the scale of the technique I use for my jewellery.

Now the text 'in a most delightful way' a partial lyric... Mary Poppins once told me (you know like when the TV talks just to you as a kid) that if there is a difficult thing that needs doing find the fun and life is happier that way, at least that's what she told me... Why not have a listen? and siiiiingggggg


  1. I love your stork,it's quite beautiful and I'm also rather excited by the book you've linked to. I love stories and fairy tales and Marina Warner so it's just popped onto my amazon wish list. Thank you for sharing

    Kate x

  2. Thanks Kate my swap partner was happy, I haven't done a swap in ages. The book is great I've had my copy since Uni (ahem many years!) and still dip into it for inspiration.


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