Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Birdseeker Miniatures

Birdseeker Portrait Pendants

What have I been up to? Working with the idea of treasured small things. I like miniature painted portraits and the use of similar methods of small portraiture used as ornament and adornment in history, the joys of the V&A. Imagine a time when the only image you had of a treasured someone was a painted likeness, painted so small you could carry it with you... imagining such things is beyond my little brain, I take so many things for granted. The level of detail on small scale things fascinate me I can get quite geeky about it especially if it has been tiny hand crafted, painted, carved anything really and the V&A is my favourite place to find all manner of inspiration.

However this image of Abraham Lincoln looking quite charming I found here where they also explain the idea of cherishing the miniature in better words than I.

Working with these thoughts in mind I've been scaling down a couple of Birdseekers, Blue Tit & young Great Spotted Woodpecker into wearable portraits, leather backed with sterling silver findings. They weren't the best at sitting still for their bird-portraits they kept chatting!


  1. The Birdseeker Miniatures are your colour combinations especially.I love miniatures too and you might like Don Shelton's collection(he has a blog if I remember correctly)Well done for getting the birds to stop chatting long enough to get such good likenesses:)xx

  2. Oh I've not heard of Don Shelton's collection I'm happily going to hunt away, thanks so much for that, very sweet of you!.. and the birds are ever so chuffed you think they posed well.

  3. Wow, just stumbled upon your blog through pinterest. (see knew the addiction would come in useful) I absolutely love your work.

  4. Thank you. The Pinterest addiction is a healthy one to have :) I love finding and sharing new treats on there... makes me wish I had a HUGE pin board at home though.


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