Friday, 5 August 2011

Newness : Brooches, Buttons and Blackwork Stitches

As promised here are some of the new brooch designs that I have been working on, while the others are still in the making. The coloured blackwork fascination continues I've been collecting some gorgeous vintage glass Czech buttons of late and I'm now ready to part with them (takes deep breath, promises self it is nice to share such things). I know I've declared my joy for buttons many times but how lovely that a simple functional object can be decorative and delightful. Those who like buttons will enjoy the next few treats I'm still busy stitching, see now I've mentioned them I'll have to share!

Buttons Scissors & Sew : Love Token Brooch

This one is the first finished Buttons Scissors & Sew Love Token, uses white 1920's Art Deco and  yellow 1950's glass Czech buttons, combined with a bright coloured blackwork stitch border. The fabric is 'Baron' Liberty print in keeping with the crafty theme as it is their girl guide vintage style print with merit badges, the embellished scissors being one of them.

Professor Finch Brooch : crop scale

Next let me introduce Professor Finch a clever sort... I read that (Bengal) finches can recognise if their birdsong is played to them in a grammatically incorrect manner, they don't like it at all! Fussy finches, but don't worry Professor Finch is ever so polite about clever things. Liberty print 'Bridsong'.

Also a heads up for the whole of August free shipping in my Etsy and Folksy shops.


  1. Aw, I love Professor Finch!

  2. Lovely brooches, I love professor finch's bow tie! The buttons are beautiful, you are very brave to let go of them!

    Kate x

  3. Thanks ladies, the bow ties are fun. I have to admit I did have to give myself a stern talking to over the buttons, they look so pretty on their original cards. But it is a shame for them not to be used and shared. I'll be keeping one of each batch I find and maybe make one big collection, something special with them.

  4. The buttons are beautiful, and I love the way you have used blackwork stitches in colour, wonderful as always.


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