Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Let's Be Nice

Let's be nice

For some weeks now I've been working on a really sweet project that turned into a set of rosettes, I can't show you the final design yet but here is a sneak peek at the back. I do like to make medals and such like and it got me thinking about about a tiny bit of rosette print on one of my Liberty fabrics. There has been such horrid things happening in the UK with the riots and in my local London area of late, but also people pulling together for support that it really has made me stop to think about niceness. It is my favourite of all things I value nice people. Genuine niceness is expressed unconditionally, people are forgetting (or not being shown) the very basics so late last night lost in my thoughts I stitched... well not quite sure what it is yet but a medal of sorts for all that is 'Nice'.

Rosette Back

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  1. Cool, I think niceness is a very underrated quality, I think you could be on to something here

    Kate x


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