Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Birdseeker Work In Progress: Great Spotted Woodpecker

Young Great Spotted Woodpecker WIP

Accidental garden bird spotting again! This time I was was lucky enough to get to see a young Great Spotted Woodpecker really close, thought it would be rude not to stitch it's amazing markings after it went to all that effort to come say hello.  Such a pleasing bird in a bold graphic sense, I am always amazed that feathers can create such striking patterns and colours, and in awe when I see a 'real' extra special bird for the first time. The juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers have red caps and and lighter pinky red under bellies making them prettier than their Ma and Pa in my opinion.

So it's the last day of August and my Birdseeker is not entirely finished, the plan is to applique him onto a hand quilted tree trunk. I've not had time to do the quilting yet August has been a busy one, so poor little bird is missing his beak until he can be stitched onto his bark... a work in progress for now.


  1. I love woodpeckers, they are so pretty! I also really like the stitches you chose for his plumage!

  2. They really are Annika, I would have liked him to stay. The patterns of their feathers work perfectly for combining blackwork patterns.


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