Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wedding Cushion: Breathless Without You

Cushion front: The 11 birds

Cushion back: Date Banner

Part two of the wedding anniversary bird delight from 3 to 11 birds, in my last post the work in progress I left you at the applique stage of the three main embroidered birds on Liberty print. Well here is the big reveal...the cushion itself is quilted with a panel of alternating squares on the right to highlight the simple pattern of Japanese gauze. The remaining birds are part of the quilt design these are hand quilted with the matching liberty print on the reverse. The text is a lyric taken from their first dance by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Breathless.

Quilted Birds: Still the fire 

Quilted Birds: Love is true

Quilted Birds: I am 

Quilted Birds: Without you

Appliqued Hawfinch

Appliqued Owl

Appliqued Blue Tit

 On the reverse the wedding date is in a banner and I have also used some vintage silk kimono fabric as I explained in the last blog post their honeymoon was spent traveling around Japan.

Wedding Date Banner and 

So there you have it the special wooden birds of the talented Mr Whiteley transformed into their unique Mr & Mrs colour palette of stitch, when a pair of love birds wouldn't quite do... just a small aviary of affection.

Cushion Front: Birds I Am 


  1. Beautiful! What a brilliant project. The detail on the birds is amazing.

    I love the song lyric from the Nick Cave song too. Cat Power did a lovely cover of that song and it's always been one of my favourites

  2. Thank you, I'd not heard the Cat Power cover I do like her, she's a sultry songbird. I do like how lyrics/emotion of a song can alter depending on who/how they are sung.

  3. It's lovely and the lyrics are beautiful too. One of my favourites

    Kate (lilipopo) x

  4. Absolutely stunning...such attention to detail. Love it.


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