Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ray of sunshine and button feathers

Peacock Button- herringbone print

A cheeky ray of sunshine today meant I could wear my favourite summer dress (even if I did have to put a pair of fluffy socks on in the afternoon to warm my feet up), listen to a little sunshine music and a find of an embroidery sample while doing my work that led to a breaktime treat. Ok so I'm easily pleased. I'd been making batches of button jewellery so had my buttony things everywhere and out fell my feather felt backed stitching sample from my sewing box. Too thick I would have thought for a button to close but the stitched area fitted perfect on a 29mm button, not normally known for my stubborn determination I peeled the felt away from the fabric and trimmed it carefully to the button teeth.

Hurrah! a rather nice way to get a padded button, I would never have naturally thought of that, it's funny what a combination of sunshine feathered elements can do. I fear me and felty quilting may be seeing more of each other.

July Flame - Laura Veirs always makes me feel sunshine even if its hiding above the clouds, the animation is delightful.

Giveaway of Lu Summers print buttony treats is on my last post so don't miss out on that. 


  1. Thankyou for posting this beautiful video - and for showing your lovely creations. I've been thinking a lot about peacock feathers recently. I might try a little enamelled one.

  2. It's one of my favourite videos, I'd so love to try enameling, too many skills on my wishful to do list I like learning.

  3. Your work is so fabulous I don't know where to start! So glad to have found you through pinterest! And the video is amazing - must check her out some more:)


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