Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Bit of Geekery - The Pons

The Pons Brain-stem Embroidery

My Stitch London Science Museum Project offering is now complete ready for delivery tomorrow it is an embroidered Brain-stem dissection, The Pons. Coloured blackwork and satin stitch on liberty print fabric, 11cm x9cm frame.  I had planned to send my stitched head, which is also finished (will blog about that next) but with so many things being sent I’m too nervous to let it go now it’s done in case it runs off with a space rocket.

Ever since I saw my own brain recently on an MRI I have been quite obsessed by stitching one, the weird thing being that I actually saw it as stitched patterns there and then (maybe I shouldn't have told the Dr that), this happens all the time these days seeing things I like in pattern. More correctly seeing them and imaging them in the same moment if that makes sense. Not having scans to work from, and not wanting to use just any old scan images I started researching old Gray’s Anatomy plates, now I really love those illustrations. Much time lost looking at lots of wonderful illustrations I didn’t need to!

So why the Pons? (The pons is the central blue area I’ve stitched made of squares) For me it is the last piece of a rather long jigsaw puzzle, an answer, what science represents. I’ve been weirdly dizzy for 18 months now and it has taken some investigation, it turns out the answer is a kind of migraine (Basilar) the home being The Pons. I’m always totally fascinated that an array of random symptoms can be attributed to one place or cause, not as blame more in awe that something so small almost trivial can cause chaos. So yet again thanks to science and medicine another puzzle solved and on its way to mending… I thank you in stitch never seems nearly enough. 

(It was impossible for it not to look alien or phallic by any of images I found, this one was my favourite.) 


  1. One of the most interesting and unusual posts I've read in a long time...I'm sure your embroidered Brain-stem dissection will be a talking point. Marvelous!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Mel, I don't find such personal blogging easy to write but the embroidery needed a little explaining.


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