Monday, 6 June 2011

Bird Double Love Token Pendant

Birds: Double Love Token Pendant

Oh My, how did I nearly forget to blog about this when I've been so excited about it so so long! I've been saving it special until the wedding date passed as I made it early this year by a chance happening of the bride-to-be who found a similar style pendant she liked the look of on my blog. I do love the wonder of the internet sometimes, that me in little London can make something bespoke for someone in America via emails and and colour swatches/photos to get the pendant to match the colours of the wedding (yep I know I sound 100). Let alone feel honored to make something for a wedding day.

Double Love Token Pendant Date

The bride wanted the double love token style with the owl, and like me is quite fond of birds, the colours for the wedding were a zesty yellow and bright green so this was the palette I worked with in both fabric and thread colouring. On the reverse of the pendant I stitched the American date as a keepsake.

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