Friday, 20 May 2011

Wild Heart : Custom made love token pendant

Wild Heart Love Token Pendant

Freshly stitched for a Michael Miller fabric loving fan this Love Token leather backed pendant uses the 'Eiffel Tower' print which is a pretty stunning large repeat pattern of turquoise, white and black outlines. The pendant composition captures some of the sprawling floral pattern.

Michael Miller Eiffel Tower Print


  1. My daughter is horse mad so she would love something like this.

  2. The horse charms are quite lovely! I've actually sold this style originally as a brooch on Liberty print but remade it as a commission with this special print.

  3. Beautifully detailed.
    My daughter also adores horses!

  4. Thank you. I'm not sure where my adoration of horses comes from I've never had the chance to ride one, I think it was too much Black Beauty as a child!


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