Thursday, 5 May 2011

Happy and Different

 Happy And Different

I do like how things appear when taking photos, I've been stitching this aida band for a while now and only today did I read the words 'happy' and 'different' out of context from the whole peice and it pleased me, as most who know me would probably describe me as 'happy' and 'different'... I like to think this is a good thing!

Sewing Box In The Making

A work in progress still this is the top of my sewing box, here is the combination of the 2" aida band cross stitch and blackwork pattern border. The sewing box is quite a beast 38 x 26 x 20cm, so with all that buff coloured fabric it needed some stitched love. I've only just started to applique the Blue Tit on there, he really doesn't mind the pins I think I will give him green legs and maybe a branch to perch on if he is good.

Colours & Mr Blue Tit

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