Monday, 2 May 2011

Birdseeker: Miss Grey Wagtail

Miss Wagtail In Water

The month of April brought a Grey Wagtail to my needle and thread, this time I chose the female bird as they do not differ in brightness of their feathers which usually happens (males are such show offs), instead the female bird has a more delicate pale neck where as the male is bold and dark. I've designed Miss Grey Wagtail using a combination of counted thread stitches, cross stitch and blackwork pattern hoblein stitches to blend texture with graphic pattern.

Grey Wagtail: Birdseeker

It is the first time that I've worked on 28 count evenweave rather than the more functional aida, I have wanted to try it for ages so this month no patterned fabric. It does take a little more counting concentration to begin with especially with the blackwork stitches where gaps are needed, I much prefer the finish of the fabric weave and now that I've tried it I'd even try using a higher threat count so the fabric weave is finer (and a magnifying glass most probably).

Birdseeker: Grey Wagtail WIP

Miss Grey Wagtail By The Waterside, 28 count quaker 6" hoop.

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