Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Soulsmile Happy WIP

Soulsmile Stitching WIP

As you can see in between other projects I've been relaxing with counted thread stitches designing fonts and borders. This work in progress photo is a lengthy 2"aida band with a snippet of a poem and lyric stitched onto it in a font using cross stitch and holbein stitch, the border is based on blackwork patterns so is worked in holbein (running) stitch. This band when finished will be stiched onto my sewing box with the Blue Tit birdseeker from last month.

This months birdseeker? It's getting late again isn't it? I think I've been a tad adventurous with this monthly project and juggling other stitching commitments, BUT Mr Grey Wagtail has been chosen April Birdseeker has been designed and hopefully he'll be bobbing along in his yellow breasted glory shortly.

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