Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Surprise Surprise

And the winner picked at random is..... Storey Shop! (your stalking paid off my dear). I really did enjoy this giveaway and there has been such lovely lovely comments that made my birthday snuggled up with a duvet and the last of the flu all the happier THANK YOU *happy face*. So, I put the ones that made me smile the most into a hat and have picked 2 runners up prizes that I will find something fun for *mini drum roll* and the winners are Miss Moopette and Lee May!!

Thank you to everyone for the fun! Here is a rather special vid Go Do by Jonsi ... enjoy!

There is still 34% OFF in my Etsy shop all week with the code CAKE34


  1. Yay! Can't wait! Loved reading all the birthday memories too. Sorry to hear you were poorly on your birthday but make up for it when you're feeling sprightly again :) H x

  2. What beautiful creations! congrats Storeyshop!!


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