Sunday, 27 February 2011

Celebration Giveaway

This week it is my birthday so I thought it would be nice to have a little celebratory giveaway seeing as it has been ages since my last one. This time I'm doing it differently why not have a bit of fun? apparently people like surprises?!? (I'm very rubbish with surprises) so I've made a package of fun up of different things not just teasemade treats ooooo what could they be?

If you'd like chance to win a secret packet of fun I ask only one thing of you.... has anyone been wondering what on earth the video is above? I will explain. My first rather shameful childhood crush was, yep  Rick Astley (I was very young), I remember a VERY happy birthday where I given his album on cassette wearing a long pink knitted jumper made by my mum and black ski pants, the 80's where real dreams were made. So please share with me a happy birthday memory, you don't need to embarrass yourself as I have BUT I do like a giggle and after all it is my birthday ;)

Giveaway closes Midnight 1st March.
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Also all week there is 34% OFF in my Etsy shop with the coupon code CAKE34, because cake is the secret to youthfulness.

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  1. With 80s in mind, one of my 'happiest' childhood birthday memories was my older (very grown up) sister turning up at my Secondary School during lunchtime with a parcel, which I unwrapped excitedly. It contained a blue & white striped RaRa skirt with a matching blue t shirt with a lace cut out section across the top section. It was the ultimate in 80s Glam (in my mind) Thanks for such a fun Giveaway!

  2. I already Follow you on Twitter and I have RT'd your Giveaway! X

  3. Hmmm, I've just realised I don't have many birthday memories, but one highlight would have to be when I saw Sir Jimmy Saville on the streets of Scarborough on my 30th birthday. How's about that then boys and girls?

    Hope you have a great birthday. I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week too if you fancy entering :)

  4. When I got Deep Purple's Made in Japan LP - I'm even older than you!!

  5. My earliest birthday memory is my 6th when I had a party in a big old house / gardens where my dad played cricket. I hated having a party and being the centre of attention (silly me, I even cried when everyone sang happy birthday hahaha) BUT I was very pleased that I got a Hawaiian Barbie!!! She was super pretty. (I shall now hit Twitter!) X

  6. Oh I like the sound of a secret package.

    My happy birthday memory was on Thursday. I had some VERY good carrot cake with my girlfriends.

    Off to RT now....

  7. Oooo....cringe, I had black ski pants too and I listened to Rick Astley, OK I'll die now, lol. Nic ♥

  8. Not my own birthday, but my brother's probably 9th or 10th birthday - he got a Spectrum computer! Thus began a love affair with geekery for both of us :)

    Here's me and my dad setting it up:

  9. My birthday is the day before Halloween so I remember clearly a special pumpkin lucky dip my mum made for my party when I was little. There's also been some pretty good fancy dress parties too! Have RTed and followed.

  10. my earliest memory was when i got a shiny blue schwin bike. it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen!

    i have 2 of your pieces and love them dearly. i am following and tweeted about this.


  11. What a lovely idea.
    I never really liked my birthday so I cant really join in sadly.
    But my most special birthday was the last day I spent with my mum. I will always hold dear that the last day she hung on was my birthday.

  12. I'm a May birthday girl so most of my happy birthday memories are of my parties in our back garden. A particular highlight has to be the one when I was about 8 and had my new denim dress on (with peter pan collar - it's all come back!) and I got a little furry duck that had sensors on the bottom so he tweeted when you sat him in the palm of your hand. Endless fun!

    You giveaway sounds brilliant. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I'll tweet too. And I follow your blog. And I like you on FB. Proper stalker :)

  13. Most of my birthday party memories are to do with food, I used to love triangle sandwiches, sausage rolls and of course the highlight... half an orange covered in tin foil with pineapple cheese and cocktail sausages.

    Then there was always the party bags!

  14. I think my happiest birthday memory is of my 6th birthday, I had a bike that was designed for the 3-5 age range and on that day I fell off the bike and split my head open. This all happened within a few weeks of my parents divorcing.
    Now the happy bit! Mum phoned my Dad in a mad panic as she didn't drive at the time, they rushed me to A & E together and made a real effort to get on for my sake, we then went home and they quickly cobbled together an impromptu party for me.
    The day started badly, but has become one of the happiest memories I have from my entire life.
    I'm following your blog, I have liked your Facebook page and am following you and have tweeted as @melspur.
    I hope your birthday becomes one of your most memorable and happy days too.

  15. Aww, happy birthday!!!!

    On my 10th birthday i was given a Karaoke machine, so for my party my dad built a little stage in the garden, I donned my favorite bermuda shorts and clashing t-shirt and all my besties came over and we sang songs at each other. One of my highlights was taking the stage solo and doing a rendition of 'My Way' in the same key that Frank Sinatra sang it. I was for real about this and thought I sounded amazing. Needless to say, being a 10 year old girl I couldn't even reach some of the lower notes very well and it only occurred to me at a much later date that the tears rolling down my parents cheeks weren't tears of joy, but those that come when you laugh so hard you can't even speak...

    There you go, pretty embarrassing but I hope it made you smile!!!

  16. Happy birthday!!! You want a giggle? Here's a story for ya!

    When I was a teenager, I loved hosting theme parties for my friends. One of them was a Murder Mystery party. I prepared a cassette (the good ol' eighties) with scary sounds (screams and such), and my little sister was supposed to operate it from under the table. Trouble was it was too dark for her to see the tape recorder buttons, and so she pressed Forward instead of Play, Play instead of Stop etc. True story.

  17. I like you on Facebook (as Irit Caspi).

  18. My best birthday memory was on my 19th birthday - the day I met my hubbie. I was collection birthday kisses and couldn't go home until I had 19 - got the last 15 off him LOL and we've been married 24 years now!

  19. My fave birthdy memory was my 7th birthday when my Dad brought home a teeny tiny siamese kitten. So was so tiny she could fit in my pocket! We called her Lucy and she lived to the grand age of 20. That was one of the best birthdays!

    Off to RT now!

  20. hey! great giveaway! its my birthday in a week! yey.

    a happy birthday memory for me would be when i was around 8 or 9. i had a tea party at my house and all my friends from school were there. and as my brother is 2 years younger, my mam would always re-light the candles after id blown them out, so he could blow them out too!ive got photos of it and we all look so young and cute. i like the pics so much i made a scrapbook page in honour of them! :)

    im following u on twitter @cLare_beaR_ and ill RT for yah too :)


  21. I remember one year getting a Lego castle that I'd wanted for years (my equivalent of wanting a pony!) I couldn't believe it, and because my little sister was jealous I let her make all the figures up, and we played knights and robbers for the rest if the day!

    ...and when I was five my mum made me a cake in the shape of a treasure chest, complete with gummy jewels and foil covered chocolate coins *^_^*

    Hope you had an awesome cake for you birthday, xXx

  22. Gosh so many birthday memories!!! My face has to be my 12tg bday and I had a popster fancy dress party...... Y me and my mate decided to dress up as 'human league' I shall never know (I was the man) I had ace of base there as well as 'deuce' , 'kylie' and 'celine dion' to name but a few! It all on video tape for me to relive time and time again...... Very cringeworthy karaoke hehe! Stands as one of the best ones I've had though deffinately unforgettable! I hav a bday coming up (15th) hopefully this years will top that! Alot older and wiser now but fun still to be had! ..... I follow you on Facebook btw and didn't realise u had twitter so im off in search of that now!!!! (how I missed it I shall not know) hope u had a lovely birthday :-) Hayley x

  23. Ok...

    Well, I'm going to have to say my 21st birthday.

    I was living on the Isle of Wight and on the morning there was a knock at the door. Of course I didn't really expect it to be my mum, brother, sister and step dad because they live in Lincolnshire (And it was the 28th of December! - awkward birthday time for weather!)

    Anyhow...that was a bit of a shock to randomly see them all appearing as they did... but then it was time to go shopping altogether with the ladies of the family, as I'd been told we were going out for a fairly posh evening meal for my birthday. SO I ended up having bought for me a more posh than I'd wanted/would wear outfit. A tad on the embarrassing side, but one that might suit a dinner out with your mother and family.

    So...all get dressed up feeling a bit like a sausage and not quite sure whether I really want to be wearing what I was. Go all the way down the steep hills of Ventnor to the venue and OH shock horror!! Look into the venue and see about 20 people I know. WHICH I all of a sudden realise... oh yes...makes sense...surrrrprise party!!

    I look down at myself and shudder and hear my body say a big "eeeeeeeeeeek" all over... but it's too late and I'm being bombarded through the door. SURPRISE!!?!!! (Oh me Oh my!!!) I didn't know what to do except go red and wished I'd climbed the very steep hills back home to get changed!

    However, even though it is one of the worst birthday memories it actually really is probably the best. PLUS how many people can say they had the band, The Bees, playing at their birthday party. Teeheehee!! AND the cake was the very best cake EVER!!

    Thanks mum! :~}