Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Birdseeker Project : Woodpigeon

Your Hand In Mine

Apparently in the month of February there are more Woodpigeons to be seen as they come on their holidays from Scandinavian shores. I like to think that pigeons are romantic birds being most famous for their trustworthy deliverance of messages near and far so thats why we see them in larger numbers in February, every pigeon young and old fill the skies with messages of love. My Birdseeker embroidery this month is dedicated to the pretty pigeon who as a bird gets a lot of bad press, maybe if we sent more messages of love they wouldn't have to have their beaks in crisp packets.

Pigeon Post

Your Hand In Mine: 9cm framed, hand stitched on Liberty Print 'Nina'


  1. Lovely detail...particularly the little heart on the envelope.

  2. I love this pigeon and the print is just perfect. :)


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