Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Late Bird Resolutions.

I never make new years resolutions but this year I do want to make time for my embroideries and the thing is, if I’m not set a little task life and work always preoccupies me first. So today when in my favourite cheap bookshop perusing the bird books (I can’t help it) I found myself a month-by-month guide to British birds, full of sweet illustrations. Instantly the idea of stitching a monthly seasonal bird popped into my head, granted I think it may have been fueled by a deeper hidden desire to buy yet another illustrated bird book. I adore books always have since little I’d be found lost in them for hours on end, I think living in London not seeing many birds at all has turned me into a strange paper birdseeker. In turn having a silly amount of bird books I can never choose which to stitch first so seasonal seemed a fun way to narrow it down.

My second book of the day Garden Birds And Wildlife by Toms & Sterry (how naughty am I!) was a bit of a geeky find a combination of super lovely photos, illustrations and random birdie facts, I’m hoping I might learn something apart from just looking at pretty pictures. So my challenge is to try and stitch a bird a month in a seasonal fashion, and yes I’m glad I decided this so late in the month with lots of ‘work’ to finish… there's nothing like a challenge.

The choice for January is rather special Bean Goose, Siskin, Brambling, Coal Tit, Tawny Own, Barn Owl and Long- Eared Owl, but I think it is going to have to be an owl such pretty faces. Not just a pretty face too all the better to hear you with (geek fact No.1).


  1. That sounds like a great project and I'm looking forward to seeing your seasonal embroidered birds. Also, I like the idea of a paper-based bird watcher!

    Emily x

  2. Oh good I need a push to keep at it I'm sure and I'm glad I don't sound entirely mad! I have already changed my mind lots of times for the first bird so must get that needle threaded.


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