Thursday, 30 December 2010

Cockerel Cushion

When I joined All Things Original I came across the gorgeous illustrations of Lucie Sheridan, as soon as I saw her screen printed 'Cock Bag' I just had to have it for my ever growing love of making printed stitched friends. This is such a brilliant tote and I'm super pleased with how it has turned out as a cushion, using two types of cashmere and the selvedge of woven fabrics for the back. Hand appliqued with a small touch of hand embroidered detail on the tail, beak and eye mask to complement the already rather handsome and proudly strutting cockerel about town.

The sad bit for me is I didn't get to keep him being Christmas and all, but I know he's going to a fun home and I'll get to visit him when I go see my friends... or see my friends when I go visit him?

NEED one? find it here

(Oh and eye spy my truly fabulous Anthropologie cross stitch bird tea-towel I was given for Christmas lucky me, too delightful for dishes!)

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