Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Meet Melvin

I have a new stitching buddy his name is Melvin he arrived yesterday in a box wrapped so sweetly with some stickers and delightful bird postcards made by the clever hands of Flora Jamieson at Through The Round Window. He is so beyond cute that he makes me smile stupidly and his colours fit in perfectly with my little work space, I love the button detail on his trousers we were destined to be the bestest of friends (I'm worried I may start talking to him). Flora kindly had a wonderful giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners, yay me!... we met via Folksy I think and bonded over our mutual love of beautiful birds oh and my often silly twitterings.

At the moment Flora is showing her work at the Rostra Gallery in Bath which is a lovely gallery, I studied at Bath far too long ago now and used to love popping in there. I'm quite a fan of Through The Round Window, the hand painted detail on the coloured glass gives an illustrative and contemporary edge to the craft while the designs are sweet and dreamy. Whats more Flora is very lovely too, so to check out more of her work see her blog here and Folksy shop here it really is a bright visual treat.


  1. Lucky you! I love melvin and should get one myself.

  2. Wow, this is like, my fantasy blog post! Lots of lovely complimentary things! All about my favourite person! Meeee!

    *exits through door. bangs enormous head. takes self down a peg or two*

    Thanks xxx

  3. Haha! Melvin is fantabulous he always looks so pleased to see me, at least I like to think so.


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