Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lucky Me

While I was out of action I received some extra special treats in the post from not one but two giveaways I was lucky enough to win, I'm not usually very lucky so I was ever so excited. The first was Loopy Lapin by The Black Rabbit which was part of Selvedge Magazine Blog Wool Week competitions. I had to answer a question on what breed of sheep provided the wool for the 'Newbury Coat' in 1918 - which was a coat made from wool to tailored coat in 24hr, the answer being the Southdown Sheep. I geekly knew this from my back catalogue Selvedge Mags, I'm not clever. He's made of the most lovely coloured lambs wool and has a nice tubby tummy. Although I already love him lots I actually wanted to win him for a bunny loving friend of mine (if i can be pried away from him) and besides check out my perfect notebook, I can't be greedy. Designed and made by Tea & Ceremony, a nice hammered textured paper cover and a perfect place for my stitching thoughts and must do lists. This giveaway was hosted by Craftsville which is a nice creative craft/design blog if you've not checked it out yet, do.

Lucky lucky me!
So BIG thanks go out to Sandra at Tea & Ceremony and Lindsay at The Black Rabbit, Thank you very much ladies.


  1. lucky you! hope you are feeling better now xxx

  2. Love, love, love the photo! Lucky you!


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