Thursday, 16 September 2010

Work in progress : More Mr Greenfinch

A little more Mr Greenfinch (I'm not intentionally teasing you with this one) the earlier photo was the initial stage embroidery of the greenfinch on Liberty print 'Poppy and Daisy'. I've since appliqued this onto an ornate shaped birdcage, I lived in Thailand for a few months many years ago and all the birdcages were this shape and I really REALLY wanted one. The fabric print I've used is Liberty print 'Birdsong' bringing the outside inside, is it a cage or a window to the outside? Cages can also be like boxes where you protect things to keep them safe, so I like the idea of the silhouette of the cage without the bars making it look less prison like.

"my little heart" - I'll explain when the work is done as there is more contextual applique to be added. An embroidery hoop!! a very rare sight took me forever to find it I'm not your usual hand stitcher and dislike working with them, thimbles and anything else considered helpful usually. But tana lawn is so fine that even with a medium fused interfacing I needed the hoop to support the weight of the appliques that are raised for texture. So I am known to change my ways when needs must... more birdies soon.


  1. EEE! He looks lovely! How very clever, I've never attempted sewing something straight onto fabric in that manner, and then cutting him out? Magic! I'll have to try it sometime. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. Thanks Sarah, it gives a really nice finished raised textural quality to the work that you can't tell from the top photo. But the process involves lots of reverse stitching so its quite tricky - just the way I like it. You'd enjoy it!


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