Monday, 2 August 2010

Peggy My New Love

This sunday I really needed a little break from jewellery making and I couldn't  ignore this distracting little voice any longer. Illustration pleases me a great deal, it is a form of creativity and a skill I very much admire. I especially like the texture and layering of screen printed works and enjoy the making process myself although it's been far too long since I've indulged. 

Lee May from Bonbi Forest is always conjuring up all kinds of printed beautiful creatures and they please me greatly. My most favourite of late has been Pegasus with his fantastically tiny wings which feature on a few of her products. As soon as I saw the pink and green Pegasus tote I had to have it, the colours looked gorgeous + it was screen printed + a horse with tiny wings = very happy me surely?

He arrived (a little out of breath) and it was instant love at first sight I felt a bit silly hugging and staring so adoringly at a bag... then i heard this little voice say that he never felt like all the other Bonbi Forest Pegasus totes and would i mind awfully helping his dream come true and making him into a flying rocking horse... to which I replied that sir I can do!

I magically already had some pink and apple green gingham that colour matched perfectly, it was meant to be! (a few more photos on flickr)

PS. SEE!!! The bag for the record really is gorgeous, you can get a 'Pegasus" tote by Lee May Foster-Wilson over @ Bonbi Forest >>> direct page link here

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